About us

Envisaged with improving health & quality of life with scientific knowledge on nutrition in day to day life.

Founded in Nov,2014, as GOLZ (Giggles of Livez), based on 9 years of freelance experience with corporate wellness and health Councelling programs

We believe in Mutually empowering good health happiness & nutrition naturally (MEGHHNN).

GOLZ is unique solution company which provides prevention & management of health disorders through nutrition & holistic approach.

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Thought For The Day

“ Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.”

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Golz Expertise in

  • Councelling

    1. A) Our USP lies in customized nutrition and lifestyle planning to fulfill the needs of each individual.
    2. B) Scientific nutritional assessment and dietary management for various age groups and ailments is our forte
    3. C) Our holistic approach prevents as well as diagnose the early sign and symptoms of any ailments especially lifestyle disorders, nutritional deficiency
    4. D) Nutrition for mental health and stress, special requirements of DIVYANGA / specially abled children & adults.

    1. A) We council FSSAI Requirement for food units
    2. B) Develop Training modules on Nutrition
    3. C) We design modules and program for Training the trainer
  • Academic/teaching

    1. A) Research Project works/dissertation guidance Guidance-for nutrition, food science and technology, food engineering and food biotechnology Pop up with each point
    2. B) Invited faculty for post graduate students special paper at department of food science and nutrition, University of mysore
    3. C) Workshop on nutrition and awareness program
  • We undertake CSR- activity

      GOLZ deals with

    1. A) Corporate health and wellness Individual members
    2. B) Educational institutions
    3. C) Special need institution/rehabilitation centre
    4. Development & delivering of customized nutrition curriculum (for educational institutions/business executives/mental health)
  • Research

    1. A) We undertake nutrition survey: Questionnaire based evaluation on food habits and trends, survey, analysis etc
    2. B) Health & wellness indices, research projects/surveys related to food and health

News & Events


  • Health Risk Assessments (HRA)
  • Health Fairs
  • Biometric Screenings
  • On-Site Seminars
  • Health Coaching
  • Wellness Campaigns
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